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AirSelfie Support

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Flight Control App

Get flying fast: download the AirSelfie app.

Available on iOS and Android.

Click a link below.

Set Up Guide

Click here to download the AirSelfie Set Up Guide in English or view the pdf online.

Click here to download the AirSelfie Set Up Guide in Spanish or view the pdf online.

Click here to download the AirSelfie Set Up Guide in French or view the pdf online.

Click here to download the AirSelfie Set Up Guide in Portuguese or view the pdf online.

Pre-Flight Check List

Click here to download the AirSelfie Pre-Flight Check List.


1. Purchase

1.1. Does AirSelfie need to be registered?

You need to refer to the respective aviation authorities’ rules and regulations for the region you intend on using AirSelfie in. However, for your reference:

USA: No need to register with FAA.

Australia: No need to register with CASA

2. Warranty Returns
Please contact the vendor from where your AirSelfie was originally purchased for assistance with warranty claims.

3. App

3.1. Can I use Apple and Android?

The AirSelfie App is compatible to iOS and Android operating systems.

3.2. How do I sync my AirSelfie to the APP?

Turn AirSelfie on by pressing the power button. Go to your device’s Wifi settings. Select AirSelfie WiFi hotspot (called “AirSelfie_[unique code]”) and the Wifi password is the unique code in the hotspot name. After the WiFi is connected, load the AirSelfie app, and it will sync with your AirSelfie.

3.3. What operating systems are supported?

The AirSelfie app is supported on Android and iOS. For iOS, the AirSelfie App is compatible with iOS 9 and higher. For Android, AirSelfie is compatible with Android 5 and higher.

3.4. Can’t Connect?

Make sure that AirSelfie isn’t connecting to any other devices with a WIFI. To help you do this, forget the AirSelfie WIFI on all devices that have connected to AirSelfie in the past, except the device you intend on using with your AirSelfie.

4. Flight

4.1. How do I learn how to fly my AirSelfie?

We recommend you watch the tutorial video located on the bottom left of the App’s main menu, and read the user guide located on the bottom right of the App’s main menu.

When you first start using AirSelfie we recommend you start with using it indoors.

4.2. How do I make it stop quickly?

The same band in the flight screen that you swipe to have your AirSelfie’ blades start spinning, also tells the unit to land.
In case you urgently need the unit to stop, there is a motor power off button located on the top left of the screen. Use this button with caution, as your AirSelfie will fall immediately, and may be damaged. This event will not be covered by Warranty.

4.3. How do I turn on AirSelfie?

AirSelfie is turned on by pressing the power button located at the bottom of the unit.

4.4. What is the flight time?

The flight time is up to 3 minutes per full charge.

4.5. How do I control AirSelfie in flight?

You can select 3 different control modes in the App, and the App will tell you what each control does.

We recommend that “Selfie Motion Control Mode” is the flight mode to use.

4.6. Do I need to calibrate it?

Calibration is important because it reset’s AirSelfie’s sensors for the best flight experience. Press the Calibration button in the Settings menu, and you will be notified once completed. This must be done on a flat and stationary surface.

4.7. When I fly my AirSelfie it flew into a wall or I felt like it didn’t respond to my instructions.

This means that you will need to do a simple calibration to reset the AirSelfie’s sensors. Press the Calibration button in the Settings menu, and you will be notified once completed. This must be done on a flat and stationary surface.

4.8. I tried landing the AirSelfie on my hand, but when I grabbed it, the motors didn’t turn off.

Make sure when landing AirSelfie on your hand, you keep your hand flat and that the AirSelfie touches your palm before grabbing it. If the AirSelfie doesn’t feel your palm, it will try to fly away from your hand.

4.9. How do I know if my AirSelfie’s battery is flat?

There is an indicator on the screen bottom right of your flight screen in the app that shows how charged your battery is. If the icon is blue, you are good to fly. If the icon is red, the battery flat and needs to be charged in the Powerbank.

4.10. How do I turn AirSelfie off?

Press and hold the power button location on the bottom of the unit for 3 seconds, or just insert it into the PowerBank (this will make it turn off automatically).

5. Charging

5.1. How do I know if my AirSelfie is charging?

When on charge, your AirSelfie’s RED charging indicator will be visible through the black vent located on the unit’s side.

When using your Powerbank, the RED charge indicator will also be on, on the Powerbank.

5.2. How long do I need to charge my AirSelfie for?

A full charge of your AirSelfie in the Powerbank can take up to half an hour, but you can be flight ready in 10-15min of charging.

5.3. What do the GREEN flashing lights mean on my PowerBank?

The GREEN LEDs on the Powerbank indicate charge status of the Powerbank. 1 flash means 25% or less capacity, and 4 charges means 75-100% charge capacity.

5.4. How long should I charge my Powerbank for?

You should leave your Powerbank to charge overnight to ensure it is full for a whole day of use.

5.5. How many times can I charge my AirSelfie in the Powerbank?

A full Powerbank can charge an AirSelfie up to 20 times.

5.6. Can I charge my phone with the Powerbank?

Your Powerbank comes with a USB adapter that lets you plug in any phone charging cable and charge your phone while you are charging your AirSelfie.

6. Media

6.1. How do I download and share photos?

By accessing the gallery in the App you can see all the photos and videos that you have taken. When you preview the file you want, you will find the sharing icon to allow you to download or share to social media.

Remember, your AirSelfie needs to be on an connected to the App for this to work.

6.2. Why are there so many of the same photo in my gallery?

AirSelfie is a photo master, so to help you get the best shot it takes 10 snaps every time you trigger the shutter in the App. You can change the number of photos taken each time in the App’s settings, or turn this feature off altogether.

AirSelfie Warranty

WARRANTY: Without prejudice to any applicable statutory warranty, Airselfie warrants that the article will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the initial date of purchase (excluding consumables which are warranted during 6 months from the initial date of purchase) upon presentation of proof of purchase to the retailer.

Return to retailer is not applicable in the USA – return shall be made to AirSelfie. During the contractual warranty period, any defective product should be returned in its original packaging to the Airselfie’s after-sales service. After inspection of the product, AirSelfie will, at its sole discretion, either repair or replace the defective part or product, excluding any other indemnification of any nature.
Airselfie’s warranty does not cover:
defects due to damage caused by an accidental collision or fall; defects due to abnormal use of the product or if spare parts have been installed without following the recommendations and instructions provided by Airselfie. If the Airselfie has been customised by the end-user the warranty is not applicable. Defects caused by repairs carried out by the end-user or an unauthorized third party; defects due to the use of spare parts not provided by Airselfie defects caused by any reason other than a defect in material or workmanship the gradual power loss of the Airselfie rechargeable battery over time, which does not constitute as a defect in material or workmanship.
If upon technical tests being carried out any product is found non-defective we reserve the right to return such product to the sender at the sender’s cost and to levy a charge to cover Airselfie’s technical test fees.
Upon expiration of the 12-month warranty period or if the defect is not covered by the warranty, any defective product can be returned to Airselfie’s after-sales service in order to be repaired or for a defective part to be replaced at the sender’s costs. Repair will be carried out only after acceptance of the corresponding quotation. Except in relation to consumables, spare parts are subject to a 12 month warranty and are subject to the same terms and conditions as those described above. The warranty does not cover: damage to all articles, including devices used to operate the Airselfie.